Goal of Altotoc

This collaborative site is designed to imagine all technological devices reducing the impact of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in the daily lives of those who suffer. This site is therefore available to people with OCD, their families, health professionals, engineers or any other person interested in the technology.
Each person faces a problem related to OCD in a concrete situation can post a question and others can then offer solutions. Even if you do not have to ask or challenge your mind have a solution, you can leave comments to help others to formulate their problem or come up with solutions.

This website is part of a university project AHATOC, in partnership with the French Association of People with OCD (AFTOC). It is funded by the Institute of Public Health Research. It also aims to inform about OCD, news around the TOC and the life of the project.

Whether you are a person with OCD, a relative, a health professional, engineer, or just a person interested in technology and eager to help the lives of people with OCD, this site is for you.

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